Owl Class

Owl Class Team:

Teacher: Mr Dakin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Watts and Mrs Lucking

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A tour of Owl class

Have a look below at all of the class display boards and areas.

Floor Books

In Owl class, we record all our ideas and groups discussions in 2 floor books. 1 is for our topic work and the other is for our in class collective worship. Have a look anytime you are in class but if you would like a preview, have a peek below:

PE Premium

At Bishops Lydeard School, we want our children to experience all that PE and competitive sports can offer. To facilitate this, we have spend over £2000 of our PE budget on new lunch and PE equipment. The children are already enjoying them with Mrs Davies at lunchtimes and with Mr Timpson in their PE lessons.

The Journey of a Banana

In Owl class, we have been using a programming tool to produce an algorithm that shows the journey of a banana from jungle to supermarket. This links to our ‘Why is our world amazing’ topic, geography of the world and programming syllabus.

Bhangra Dance

We have been looking at the country of India and some of their traditional dances. In Bollywood, Bhangra dance is very famous so we spent some PE lessons learning some of the moves and creating our own dance routines.

ICT and Geography

We have been creating lots of cross curricular links between out subjects. We have had a real focus on Geography and ICT. Our aim has been to research both on iPads and in Atlases key geographical features of: continents, oceans, countries, capitals, rivers and the equator, lines of longitude and latitude. We have had a lot of fun exploring the world.

Rivers around the world

We have been exploring the top 10 longest rivers in the world. We found them, researched them and then wrote all the information we could find down. As an extension we looked at rivers in the UK and highlighted which seas around the British Isles they fed into.

Getting ready for children in need

We are going to be raising money for children in need but before we do that we wanted to make a display board celebrating all things British. The children felt that raising money for charity was an important part of being a member of this country. Have a look at some of their work and check out the hall later this week for our creation.

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