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Welcome to Bishops Lydeard Church School


Autumn 2020

Welcome back everyone!

We will continue to keep the information we shared with you on this page regarding Covid-19 for people to reference if they need to. Our newsletter and the posts in our essential information zone will also provide updates.

We are thrilled to be back and the class pages are up and running with the learning already happening in school.  Our closed school Facebook group is also full of the learning happening in school- please do ask to join if you would like to.

There is a positive and purposeful atmosphere in school and we are proud of the children’s respect for the school rules and procedures around hygiene and movement around the school- our culture of safeguarding and promoting and carrying out good hygiene practises are embedded and keeping everyone safe.

We look forward to spending another year with all of you and look forward to the learning journey ahead.

We are part of the Bath and Wells Multi-Academy Trust. We have a nursery which takes children from 2 years old and six classes. Of our six classes 5 are straight year groups and our Ladybird class is a Reception/Year 1 mix.

We offer a distinctly Christian learning environment, at the heart of our village community, based on the values of respect, endurance and friendship.

Intent: Our curriculum is designed to achieve strong outcomes, positive mental and physical health, resilience and identity: reflecting our vision of ‘life in all its fullness’.

Our curriculum is broad and enriching and is designed around the needs of the child and community whilst also ensuring children are well prepared and able to make the most of their next steps of learning and beyond. We endeavour to ensure that all children achieve their full potential and have the mental and physical health and skills to continue to be life long learners. Our vision isThat they may have life, life in all its fullness’ John 10:10.   

Our school is set in a stunning location at the foot of the Quantock Hills and we take full advantage of our fantastic indoor and outdoor learning environment to enable every child to recognise their potential and develop their individual talents.

We have a team of dedicated staff who build positive relationships with our children based on mutual respect and tolerance. This enables us to challenge the children to be brave and bold with their learning. We believe in the importance of working with children and their families particular as parents are children’s most enduring educator. We proactively work to develop and maintain strong home-school partnerships.

A message from Mrs Harvey

Since joining Bishops Lydeard Church School at Easter 2019 I have developed an understanding of the vision and values for the children and our school. I have listened to the stakeholders and have strategically planned the next steps to further improve the education and wider well-being of our children. These actions will develop over the coming months and years and will be openly communicated via our website, newsletters, series of meetings and conversations with parents and staff.

If you would like to visit our school, please contact the school office to arrange a suitable time.

Paper copies of letters and documents that appear on this website are available from the school office.

Head Teacher: Mrs Lisa Harvey

Chair of Governors: Mr David Williams 

Office Manager and member of staff who deals with enquiries from parents and members of the public: Mrs Tracey Fillingham

Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Lisa Harvey and Mrs Sarah Culverhouse

SENDco: Mrs Jo Milum- please contact the school office to speak to or make an appointment to see Mrs Milum. Thursday and Friday only.

Appeals Timetable – BWMAT 2020-2021 (1)


Dear parent/carer (s),

Please find below our school summer contact form and further information regarding Safeguarding. The school newsletter below contains information for calling Children’s Social Care Duty Team. This information is also:

Safeguarding concerns during the holiday period
If your concern is urgent, you should consider contacting the emergency services or the Children’s Social Care duty team on 03001232224.

Bishops Lydeard Summer Contact Form

Bishops Lydeard Church School Newsletter


Useful contacts

We are committed to promoting the welfare and safeguarding of all children at Bishops Lydeard Church School and expect everyone to share this commitment.

In line with our safeguarding policy and statutory guidance we have clear procedures in school for responding to any concerns about a child’ s safety or wellbeing.

Bishops Lydeard Church School is a nurturing, inclusive primary school.

*UPDATE– Please see the updated Safeguarding and child protection policy*

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – COVID-19 addendum v2

*UPDATE 22/5/2020*

Please see the attached document for our Bishops Lydeard Covid-19 Strategy May 2020

Bishops Lydeard Covid Strategy document May 2020

We have uploaded a video to our school Facebook page to share the changes that have been made to the environment.

We will also upload the video to TEAMS pages.

*15th May 2020*

Dear All,

Please let me start by saying that the health and safety of your children (along with that of our staff and yours as parents) is an absolute priority. As we look to planning for any return to school will have this as our main aim along with continued support to learn.

In last week’s newsletter I said I would be asking for your support to shape any potential reopening plans. Can I now please call on you to aid us with this?

Below are a number of questions which we would like feedback on to better understand what the previous few months have been like for you and your children. We would also like to know your hopes, thoughts and worries. Your parent forum representatives have kindly said they will feed your thinking back to Mrs Culverhouse and myself. In addition, next week, we will send you an individual survey which we would be grateful if you could complete.

The government guidance remains very new (it was released on Monday evening) and you may or may not have seen aspects of it reported upon. Please see below a few info graphics to outline the guidance along with a link to the full documents. This information will now be used to shape the potential phased reopening of our school.

What has changed?


From June 1st the government may ask us make a phased reopening for children, but only from Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and year 6.  School will still be open for key workers’ children and vulnerable children.

What about their brothers and sisters?

We will continue to support with home learning.

 How are you making sure school is as safe as possible?

Does my child have to come to school?

There will be no fines if your child does not go to school.

Will my child be tested?






Yes, if your child shows symptoms of Coronavirus they will be able to be tested.

What if there is a case of Coronavirus in the school?

What else might change? 

I am certain there will be many questions. Some we may already have the answer for and others not. Please do be reassured that before opening I will be sharing with you as much information as I can so that you can make an informed choice based on our best offer.

The decision for many may not be an easy one and I wish for you to have a high level of clarity around what ‘life in school’ will look like. I feel it is important that you have an understanding of the aspects which are fixed (such as the cleaning frequency) and that which will be our best endeavour (for example how close your child may come to others within the building and classrooms and outside during break time and lunch time).

This is a situation in which it is not going to be possible to adapt to meet everybody’s needs or preferred options. It is however, our intention to hear your voices as clearly as we can and to use this information (along with our professional judgement and guidance) to inform and shape our provision to be as safe and productive as it can be.

We must of course remain in line with government guidelines and are rightly tasked with applying it to our unique local situation.


How have you found the school closure period?

What have been the biggest challenges?

What have been the best opportunities?

Do you think this has led to any needs upon return to schooling?

Home schooling/learning seems set to continue for a period:

Do you have any feedback that could help us to refine this practice?

*You will also receive an individual survey around this in the coming fortnight*

The need for social distancing, frequent cleaning (hand and surfaces), along with staff availability and the physical spaces available are will shape the nature of the opening we offer:

What are you hoping we can achieve?

What are you most concerned about? What could we consider doing to reduce this concern?

*We will be supplying much information to aid clarity and with the aim of reducing uncertainties.*

How comfortable are you with the idea of school opening in some way at this time?

What are you hoping we can get back to before the summer break?

Smaller groups of children provide us with the opportunity to distance further. These groups will need to be consistent to reduce the possible spread of Covid-19. They will run through learning time as well as break and lunchtime:

What are your feelings about this?

Some children will find this potentially upsetting. We have ways to support children and try and mitigate this effect but you may able to think of more?

Using teaching assistants (under the direction of a teacher) to lead groups of children would potentially enable us to open for more children.

We would like to know your thoughts on this.

Are there any aspects that would present as a difficulty to your family situation?

Is there anything we might be able to consider doing (within the guidelines) as a school to mitigate this?

Are there any other ways in which we could consider supporting you or your child at this time?

Before the decision to reopen is made there is much to be considered, decided and completed. We will be using the best information available to make decisions. Risk assessments will be in place along with practices, protocols and policies – these will have been scrutinised and staff will have been trained. Our governors and Trust will be working alongside us in doing so. In all we do the health and safety of your children (and the rest of our community – yourselves included) will be our absolute priority.

Thank you