Who will you find in Dragonfly Class?

Mrs Harris (class teacher)

Mrs Alvarez (teaching assistant)

Mrs Constance (teaching assistant)

and 23 wonderful, hardworking children!


Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Dragonfly Class! It has been a fantastic start to Year 6!

We have been busy exploring inventions in our topic of ‘Have we made it better?’ by finding out the history of inventions and locating where in the world they were invented. In Design and Technology we enjoyed creating exploded diagrams by first ‘exploding’ (or rather dismantling) various objects in class such as pens and torches.

The children have designed their own inventions first creating an annotated sketch followed by an exploded diagram so they could illustrate the inside of the invention. They are currently busy working on an explanation in English to explain what the inventions do and how they work.

In Geography we gave ourselves the challenge of locating key stations on the UK’s different rail networks by using maps and atlases and then using that knowledge, placed them on a blank map of the UK.











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