Who will you find in Dragonfly Class?


Mrs Harris (class teacher)

Mrs Alvarez (teaching assistant)

Mrs Watts (teaching assistant)

and …. 27 hard-working children!

Year 6 UKS2 Autumn term 20-21 pathway

Wow! The first half term in Year 6 is nearly complete! You have made such a fantastic start to your final year in primary school. As I marked your books yesterday, I reflected on how much progress you have made and on how much work you have completed. It is lovely to see the care you take with your handwriting and your presentation – well done Year 6.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been busy with science and experimenting with and explaining different forces. We have investigated gravity, air resistance and friction and learnt the importance of careful planning and accurate measuring when we complete an experiment. We have also developed our understanding of the term variables in an experiment.


We have been incredibly busy in Maths this half term learning about place value in whole numbers and in decimals, developing our use of written methods and estimating to check answers and how to calculate with negative numbers. I have really enjoyed hearing your explanations about why a question is correct or incorrect and hearing your reasoning as you work. Amazing! In English, we have completed our own defeat the monster stories and worked in partners to support each other to edit the punctuation, sentence openers and use of conjunctions to make even more progress with our writing. I loved reading them Year 6 and I look forward to reading your non-chronological reports all about different Quantock dragons.


Our first Talk 4 Writing text of the year is Beowulf and we are learning how to write a defeat the monster tale. We began by retelling the tale using actions to help us remember the key parts of the plot. We then looked at the different features of the text and the range of different writing techniques that were used. Last week, we put these into practice as we wrote our own versions of a class tale about a dragon called Grindfore who lived in a dormant volcano on the Icelandic island of Surtsey. Despite Grindfore’s best efforts to destroy the village leaving himself living in peace and solitude inside the volcano, the viking hero Ragnar defeated him. We worked hard to make language choices to convey atmosphere to our readers and to describe the different characters of Grindfore and Ragnar. Year 6 you have already made fantastic progress in your writing and I can’t wait to read your own individual stories this week.

We have continued our learning in Geography by using the 8 points of the compass to describe the relative location of different places on the Quantock Hills. Some even accepted the challenge of using 16 points of a compass. We built on our skills of interpreting a simple map key by interpreting the symbols used on an OS map. Using a section of the Quantock Hills OS map and key we described the different physical features of the landscape at different places such as Crowcombe Park Gate and Shervage Wood. For an additional challenge, some of the class also interpreted the contour lines on the OS map and were able to describe whether someone would be walking up or down hill and how steep the gradient would be.

We have also been creative by recreating part of the picture of the term which is Autumn Landscape with Four Trees by Vincent Van Gogh. In this artwork, he focused on his use of colour which gave us the opportunity to build on our colour blending skills. We also focused on using different brush strokes and techniques to mimic his painting style. The results were impressive and several are on display around school.


Welcome to the start of a brand new year! The last 2 weeks have already flown by and I have been incredibly proud of the way that the children have settled back into the routines of school and with the fact that they are already demonstrating fantastic learning behaviour.

In our Jigsaw sessions we have concentrated on how we felt about returning to school, our hopes and goals for the year and the importance of having a growth mindset which always tries and never gives up. We discussed many different quotes which help us to reflect on growth mindset but one already used quite a bit is, ” It’s okay not to know but it’s not ok not to try” followed by “Success lies upstream – you cannot drift there.” Dragonfly Class I can tell that this is going to be an amazing year – I am already proud of you. Keep going with giving everything your very best effort.

Our learning pathway shares the areas of the curriculum we are focusing on this term. Last week we enjoyed an introduction to our topic of ‘Whose Footsteps are we Following in?’ (focusing on our local area) by exploring the humble – yet potent and powerful – whortleberry. Already we have developed our skills in: Art, Music, Geography, Computing, Reading, Writing and Maths. We have been busy. Great work so far Dragonfly Class – keep it up!



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