Bishops Lydeard Church School is incredibly proud of its church links. With the school in close proximity to the beautiful, rural St Mary’s Church, we benefit from its unique, special spiritual environment. The children enjoy regular visits to the church for major Christian holidays and for more intimate occasions such as the recent ‘Pray for School Day’. The church is incredibly supportive of our school and the children value the impact that having a church so close brings. This term we are welcoming St Andrews Church School, Taunton to share in our lovely church. We are doing a project on Christian symbols and icons, and we are thrilled to share our local Church with another school.

As a church school we hold daily collective worship, understanding that these times are incredibly influential to our Christian distinctiveness. We welcome the local St Mary’s Church several times a term to hold an ‘Open the Book’ assembly. Their dynamic enthusiastic assemblies engage the children, allowing them to meet and experience the diverse, passionate and special members of the local community churches.