Badger Class


 Teaching Team – Mr Dakin, Miss Gibbs and Mrs Watts

This is what we are learning about this term: Year 5 Autumn term pathway 20-21

Meet Shelby our Class Hermit Crab


The class were incredibly excited to meet our new class pet. We had a discussion and a vote as a class as to what we should call her/him. We decided on ‘Shelby.’ We researched all about hermit crabs, especially how to tell whether they are girls or boys, however Mr Dakin wasn’t brave enough to look under its belly to find out. Miss Watts thought that as its colours were so beautiful it must be a girl; the class agreed. So for better or worse, right or wrong, Shelby is now a girl crab.

Meet the Crew

Badger Class Teamwork

During mark making week, Badger class did lots of activities to build our friendship, learn our behaviours and enjoy being back together. They particularly enjoyed this teamwork game where they had to work together to pick up a tennis ball. We did it with our strong hands, weak hands then anything other than hands. It was really fun.

Who am I? – Balloon Game

During our In Class Collective Worship, we discussed about how we grow and develop. We shared how we found lockdown and compared it to our theme of Perseverence. The class found that there were so many positive ways they grew and overcame the situation. We wrote down a way we had grown on a piece of paper and put it inside a balloon. We then blew it up, threw it round the class room and popped a different balloon colour to our own. We then had to guess who had written the statement and celebrated their resilience.

Why is measuring accurately important?

During Science today, we challenged the class to explore, identify and experiment with a huge range of measuring devices. They ranged from trundle wheels to force springs. The children discussed, worked in teams and explored the items; writing their findings in a table. They had lots of fun. What would happen if we didn’t measure our ingredients out properly or didn’t measure our room properly to add furniture? It would be chaos.



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