Welcome to Ladybird Class

Early Years Foundation Stage

Class teachers: Mrs Culverhouse, Mrs Foster-Burnell and Mrs Walters

Spring 1

Welcome back! We have a fantastic term planned and will be using the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ to support our learning. The class love learning about animals/sea creatures and love water so we have many exciting things planned.

Please see our Medium Term plan for Spring 1 2020 below.

Reception Spring 2020 Curriculum pathway

Challenge morning in Ladybird class. As part of our Jigsaw topic, we are learning to never give up.

A great start to the Spring term. We have been enjoying all things to do with The Rainbow Fish and water. We have been learning the Rainbow Fish, acting it out, retelling the story in our story telling corner, linking our maths to the story and have even been fishing and experimenting with sinking and floating.

Autumn 2

Ladybird class visited the library to put decorations on the tree and enjoy the library books.

Using our new ‘Real PE’ scheme we have been practising our rolls, jumps and coordination.

We have also been outside making bear caves and climbing trees. For our story of ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?’ we have been experimenting with colour mixing.

We have also been developing our fine motor skills and had to pick things up through the spiders web with tweezers! We have been practising finding one more and one less in maths.

We have been enjoying our environment and have been outside tree planting!


We have had a busy start to our new term already! Our topic this term is: ‘What can we find if we follow that star?’ We will be learning the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? We will be innovating this to ‘Bright Star, Bright Star, What do you see?

At the start of the term we had visit from Little Knox first aid who taught us how to do CPR to Baby Shark. We have also had a visit from a Guide Dog who taught us about the jobs that guide dogs do and how partially sighted or people who are registered as blind complete daily tasks.

The Bishops Lydeard Carnival also returned and our theme of ‘Under the Sea’ was a great success! Our theme was chosen as part of our International learning week on ‘Water’. There are some photos of our water exploration below.

On the 11th November the school stood in silence by the village memorial and we sang a song.

We have had a very busy first two weeks!

Keep checking back for our updates 🙂



Autumn 1

Welcome to Ladybird class!

Please see below for some examples of our learning. Our topic this term is ‘Magical Me’ and we are looking at our families, our senses and our bodies.

We have made an opticians in class, measured our feet, taken part in pilates, helped each other to balance on beams, explored our indoor and outdoor environment, learnt about our sense of sight and touch and have been working together to build relationships. We have also been doing much, much more!

Our lovely writing and number work is our Maths and English books and we have a topic floor book for Magical Me with all of our lovely photos and learning in.

We are having lots of fun and doing lots of learning in Ladybird Class. 🙂









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