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Summer Term 2018

Fox Class selling a wonderful variety of artwork for the ‘Enterprise Sale’. We raised £100. It hasn’t been mentioned on the newsletter, but this was the WINNING contribution!


Mrs Banks kindly gave up her time to help the children make unique homemade necklaces to be sold as part of our ‘Enterprise Sale’.

The children are converting an ordinary plastic milk bottle into a beautiful elephant for the Bishops Lydeard Flower Show.

Fox class performing what they have learnt in their clarinet lessons this year. Apologies, there’s no sound!







Fox class found all the 3D shapes on their treasure hunt and could name and describe them.

In Jigsaw lessons, we have been considering people’s rights and needs and considering whether all children from around the world are treated fairly. In our most recent Jigsaw lesson, we have created posters of the rights that every child should have.

The children had a fantastic time creating their own Viking longships!

The children acting out the ‘character flaw tale’ of Beowulf.

The children are acting out how the body reacts when it goes into anaphylactic shock.

At St Andrews Church School having great fun creating a garden to show the Parable of the Sower.

Spring Term 2018

A fantastic day at Bristol Zoo!


Here are some photos of our indoor athletics festival at Kingsmead School.

A glimpse into some of the learning during ‘First Aid Week’.

The children eagerly hunting for Pokemon dragons as part of our ‘WOW Starter’ to our work in English based on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

We enjoyed sharing the stories we have written based on ‘The Great Kapok Tree with Ladybird class.

We have been editing and improving our writing together.

This is our damp morning measuring capacity with water.

This afternoon, we were learning about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden being tempted into eating forbidden fruit. The photo below shows Fox Class being tempted by the chocolates that Mr Duncan had left out!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

This term, our work will centre around our topic on ‘Rainforests’. Our ICT. art, music and design and technology lessons will all incorporate this theme and we will be going on a school trip to ‘Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo’ to see animals that can be found in the rainforests around the world.