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Year 1 and 2 Summer Term Overview

We will be using this page to keep you updated and for sharing photos to give you an insight into Rabbit Class.

 Summer Term


Arts and Enterprise Week

We’ve had a super week for Arts and Enterprise Week. We used our Topics of Trains and China to complete our Art Activities. For our Enterprise Stall we made Fortune Cookie Cakes; they were a great success and we sold every single one! We also sold some of our Observation sketches of train we completed earlier in the week. We finished the week studying our chosen artist Wassily Kandinsky. We look at this most famous art work, learnt some facts about him and also made a train inspired by his abstract style.

World Cup Mania

We’re so excited for the World Cup. Each class is following a group, we have Group F, although we’d love England to win!

To mark the start of the World Cup, we used our Outdoor Education Lesson to create Nature Football Pitches! Unfortunately, Mrs Foster-Burnell’s iPad ran out of battery to capture all the masterpieces we created; we did get this great shot though!


Environment Day

We had lots of fun covering our milk cartons and turning them into masks. Some of us thought that they would also be good to use in the garden to scare away the birds if they tried to eat our seeds.

We then talked about how our world is being polluted by plastic. We had a long discussion about how plastic left behind can kill or harm animals in the sea. We created a picture to represent this.


In our Jigsaw lessons we have been talking about our relationships with our families and our friends. The photos show us discussing different people that we think we can or cannot trust and deciding who we can place in our circle of trust.


Talk for Writing

We have been using our story maps to retell a traditional Indian story called Monkey See, Monkey Do. We had great fun trying on the hats and even did our own catwalk hat parade. Next week we will begin to change the story and write our own versions.

Spring Term


We are busy learning to tell the time in Maths with Mrs Foster-Burnell. It is one of the Key Objectives for Year 2. So today, we created big clocks in the Hall and worked in pairs to show different times on them.

First Aid Week

We have had lots of visitors this week. We really enjoyed finding out what it was like inside the ambulance and hearing how loud the sirens were.

The Golden Mile

We completed our Sponsored Golden Mile in PE, we hopped, skipped and ran 10 laps of the school playground, we enjoyed every minute of raising money!

Defeat The Monster Stories

We have enjoyed writing and reading our ‘Defeat The Monster’ stories.

Superhero Traps!

In Outdoor Education, we used our Topic of Superheroes to create traps to capture our enemies. We had great fun making them and demonstrating how they worked.

Marvellous Maths!

Money, money and more money work! Remember to keep practising at home too!