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Early Years Foundation Stage

Class teacher: Mrs Parks

Class support: Miss Lambert and Mrs Flemming

Values In Action!

EYFS Summer 2019Overview

EYFS examples


The children used the ipads to draw creatures they thought may have been the surprise visitor –

Today there was an unexpected visitor in our class, we are investigating who it could be by looking at the clues….

watch this space!


In Mathematics we have been learning about time. The children investigated different timers and discussed their daily routine –

“I go to bed at 7 o’clock but on a family film night I go to bed at 8!”

“My alarm clock wakes me up every morning.”

“My Mum works at night and comes home in the morning when the sun comes up.”



During outdoor education, the children have been collecting natural objects to measure.

It has been lovely to see the children reading for pleasure lots this term, they are truly inspired by our ‘Author of the Moment’ Dr Seuss!


Welcome back from the half term break, the children seem to have grown in such a short space of time! Here are some of the wonderful learning that has been happening already…

Spring time brings new growth and lots of changes in the natural environment, the children have put their fine motor skills to good use by drawing creatures great and small!


EYFS Spring 2019 Overview


We will remember them……


The story behind fireworks on 5th November!

Guy Fawkes V King James I

The children returned to school refreshed and full of excitement, particularly about family time and fireworks! Look at their representations of what they experienced….



The author Eamonn R.Reilly visited our school and read extracts from his stories. The excitement about a character making unusual potions led the way for some scientific learning.

Author of the Moment: Michael Rosen

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Uh-uh! Thick OOZY mud…

Uh-uh! A DEEP COLD river…

Uh-uh! A SWIRLING WHIRLING snowstorm….

Uh-uh! A BIG DARK forest…

It’s a….

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