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Mrs Harris (class teacher)

Mrs Sinclair (intervention teacher)

Mrs A (teaching assistant)


24 amazing, hard-working children


Summer Term 2

What a fantastic eco week we have had. The Year 6s enjoyed the visit of the scientist to school on Monday; they listened carefully when she visited the class and asked some fantastic questions. We have also had a great time using the outdoors to create landscape sketches and then create watercolour landscapes using the view from the field.

Thank you to all those that answered our survey about what is considered the most important environmental issue. We have created a bar chart with the results and next week will create a pie chart. Next week the children will complete their research into the environmental issue of plastic in our oceans/seas and create a persuasive information poster.


Year 6 have enjoyed experimenting with electrical circuits, learning about the human circulatory system and investigating what happens to pulse rates when exercising for different lengths of time. They created their own models representing the lungs, the heart, the body and blood vessels and used these to talk through the circulatory system before writing an explanation about it.

We have also enjoyed a taste of what it would have been like for Victorian children at school – it was not easy! Everyone had to sit up straight at all times and everyone had to write with their right hand. It was good fun to experience it just for a little while though.


Wow – the last half term at primary school for the Year 6s! It’s already turning out to be another busy and successful half term. We spent the first couple of weeks making our writing the best it could be. We enjoyed reading Michael Rosen’s poem about Chocolate Cake and wrote some fantastic instructions on how to successfully eat chocolate cake in secret. The class were then able to taste some chocolate cake to help them write a fantastic description of it.

This week the children have enjoyed Bikeability and creating their habitats in a shoe box, habitat pictures and a poem about Oceans ready for the Bishops Lydeard Flower Show.

Summer Term 1

Year 6 Summer 2019 Overview

We have had an incredibly busy start to the Summer Term with our focus being on doing the best that we could during our SATs week. The class were fabulous in their effort and determination during the weeks before the SATs and gave their all during the week. As well as working hard, we were able to enjoy some rest and relaxation as well as delicious cake and even an ice-lolly! Work continues as we revisit and edit some of our best pieces of writing as well as writing a new information report. This week we are continuing our maths learning by revisiting multiples and using our knowledge to solve problems.

Keep up the good work Year 6 – make the most of the last half term left at primary school!

Spring Term 2

KS2 SATs information evening 2019

Science week was a fantastic end to the first half term. The visit of the space dome was superb and gave us all so many things to think about and be amazed by. I  was particularly impressed at how we managed to calculate how many of our earth could be fitted into the largest known star! The many different science experiments all week were thoroughly enjoyed and I enjoyed reading your different ideas for your own planet. This half term we will find out more about your ideas, write non-chronological reports and create maps of your planets.

Spring Term 1

Year 6 Spring 2019 Overview

Can’t quite believe we have been back for 3 weeks already! Busy from the beginning, we have already accomplished so much. Fantastic fraction learning and solving problems and decimals nearly accomplished too. In Literacy we have been working incredibly hard on reading comprehension and especially remembering to read the questions carefully. We have explored the story of Clara and the Cybermen and created some fantastic examples of suspense using short sentences, questions, repetition and powerful verbs. 

Our first day back was a WOW day for our topic and we enjoyed learning about the different planets as well as listening to some music from The Planets Suite by Holst. Having listened to the music, we created art work to reflect the different moods and tones of the music in the style of Kandinsky.

Autumn Term 2

Been a busy, busy few weeks in Dragonfly class – you are incredibly hard workers and I am really proud of the progress you are making. You have shown great perseverance with written multiplication and division – well done! In Literacy you have written some amazing diaries imagining what it would be like to be a child being evacuated. We were learning to convey emotion in our writing and you have certainly done that.

In RE this half term, we are learning about incarnation and have been learning what the Israelite people were expecting from the Messiah. This week you discussed which of the many different characteristics of the Messiah were the most important. Lots and lots of different ideas and reasons and fantastic discussions.

The school artist of the moment this half term is a lady called Yayoi Kusama. To celebrate her use of dots, we used compasses to draw circles; created a gas mask box and covered that in the circles we had drawn.

What a great start back after half term! I was incredibly proud of all your efforts with your homework over the half term. I have loved reading and listening to your presentations about what it was like to be evacuated. Our topic day on Wednesday was fantastic – you all looked amazing in your costumes. I loved all the little details – again you should be incredibly proud of your efforts.

During the day you came up with some fantastic ideas for a poem based on what you would put in an evacuee’s box  – reading them was really moving as there were many heartfelt and thoughtful ideas. We also enjoyed using the ipads to research key dates and events from World War 2 and enjoyed the challenge of copying the style of Henry Moore to recreate pictures of people in air raid shelters.

Autumn Term 1

Can’t believe that half a term has nearly gone by already! We have certainly been busy! The class trip to the Quantock Hills was great fun and helped us understand the differences between habitats and learn a little bit more about our local area. We enjoyed using the anemometer to measure the wind speed in different locations. In topic lessons we have spent time looking at a map of the Quantock Hills and enjoyed finding places mentioned in our Gurt Wurm story. Impressively, you have been able to take and give 4 and 6 figure grid references and learnt how to use an OS map key to describe the features of an area and can also interpret contour lines on a map.

To link in with our science which is all about classifying living things and how animals are adapted to their habitats, we had a visit from a bearded dragon! The bearded dragon was very well behaved and enjoyed its extra treats of worms. The children asked fantastic questions and they were all answered brilliantly and knowledgeably by the owner of the bearded dragon.

What a fantastic start to Year 6 you have made! We have been extremely busy already. We had a fantastic whortleberry themed day to introduce our topic on the local area – the muffins were delicious and your purple monochrome artwork and poems were stunning.

We have also started work on a defeating the monster story based on the Somerset myth, The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Woods, and enjoyed retelling the story and creating descriptions of the beast and the dark and eerily silent wood.

Dragonfly Class 2017 – 2018