Who will you find in Dragonfly Class?

Mrs Harris (class teacher)

Mrs Sinclair (intervention teacher)

Miss Gibbs and Mrs Sapey (teaching assistants)

and ….

27 amazing, hard-working children!

Meet the Teacher – Dragonfly Class

Year 6 Autumn Newsletter 2017

Year 6 Autumn Term Overview

Dragonfly Weekly Timetable

Year 6 Spring Term Overview

KS2 SATs Information Evening

Summer Term 2

What a busy week last week was: arts week, enterprise sale, visits to your new secondary schools and a lot of play rehearsals! It was fantastic to hear that you all had such a great time when you visited your new schools although a little sad that the time for you to leave is so close. The enterprise sale was incredibly successful and the magnets looked amazing. The effort you have put into learning your lines and the songs for the school play is impressive and the dress rehearsal yesterday was a great success.

Yesterday saw your last ever sports day at Bishops Lydeard Church School! You all helped to lead your groups well and looked after the younger children – incredibly proud of you all. Congratulations to Florence for the outstanding sports person award – thoroughly deserved.

Enjoy your last few days at Bishops Lydeard Church School.

Wow – Dragonfly Class you are in the last few weeks of your time at Bishops Lydeard Church School and the last few weeks of your time at primary school. Where has that time gone? Over the last couple of weeks, you have all met some staff from your new schools and it has been a pleasure to share all of your progress and successes with them.

Since half term we have been busy in science: learning about the heart and circulation and completing a range of experiments. As a class we have investigated the affect that exercising for different amounts of time has on pulse rate and how different exercises affect pulse rate.

Together with Year 4 we investigated the affect age has on the distance which can be jumped, the distance an object can be thrown and how fast you can run.  A great afternoon of PE, science, team work and fun!

We enjoyed the whole school environment day where we recycled a milk bottle and created a wide range of different things and created pictures on the theme of the environment.

Summer Term 1

Well done Dragonfly Class! You have shown fantastic endurance and an excellent attitude towards all of your SATs papers this week. You should be incredibly proud of yourselves – I know I am super proud of you all. In our Jigsaw lessons we have begun to look at being healthy and have talked about many different aspects of being healthy including being mentally and emotionally healthy. The calming techniques that we use during Jigsaw have certainly proved helpful this week. We will continue to explore all the different ways in which we can be healthy.

You have also really impressed me with your excellent behaviour all week and especially when we were celebrating the end of SATs. It was lovely to see you helping to improve the school grounds and organising the PE shed which will benefit everyone. The DVD and duvet day was great fun. Back to work on Monday!

Here are a few more videos.

Co-ordinates IMG_4079

Parallel lines IMG_4080

Place value: “It’s all about the house …” IMG_4081

Perpendicular lines IMG_4084

Dragonfly class had a lot of fun creating explosion art work! Carefully using straws and paint, we created explosions of colour. The children had great fun!

Last week we had a go at filming some of the many different rhymes and actions we use in class to help us remember different things in Maths and English. Here is a taster of some of those short films. Watch this space – there may be more to follow!

x fractions IMG_4055

area IMG_4060

area of a triangle IMG_4061

Spring Term 2

Who would have thought that so much snow would fall this Spring Term! As a class you wrote some fantastic discussions about whether snow is exciting and did a super job of thinking from different points of view. However, we did all come to the same conclusion – snow doesn’t fall that often in Bishops Lydeard so we should make the most of it!

Despite the snow days, we have accomplished a lot of work this term. Your books are bulging at the seams with work and my cupboard is also full of the many books you have already filled up! Over the past few weeks, we have borrowed sets of reading books to read during ERIC time and I am really impressed with the amount you have read. It is lovely to see you enjoying reading – remember to keep it up during the holiday!

We enjoyed dressing up for World Book day and sharing some of our favourite books. Getting to read outside in the sunshine was a fantastic way to start an afternoon. Peace, quiet, sunshine, bird song and reading – perfect!

Enjoy your Easter holiday – keep up with the usual homework over the 2 weeks as it will make a massive difference to your learning and your progress. 

What a start to a new half term! In English we have introduced something called Spelling Blast which is a rapid paced revision of lots of spelling patterns. You amazed me with how much you were able to remember and spell in just 3 minutes at each spelling station! More Spelling Blast to come! We had a great afternoon drawing line graphs of temperatures around the world and working out differences, the temperature ranges and the mean (average) temperatures. 

In English we have started looking at the story of Cinderella to develop our ability to describe characters and to show that in dialogue in a story.

As well as working hard in Maths and English, we have managed to squeeze in a First Aid week with fantastic activities ranging from putting someone in the recovery position, completing CPR, using a defibrillator and having a look around an ambulance.

In RE we are looking at the Easter story and had a go at acting out different parts of the story – see if you can identify the different parts from the photos.

Before we had a visit from the ‘Beast from the East’, we had a gentle snow shower whilst playing netball! Year 6 are a hardy bunch! Look forward to seeing you all back in school after the snow days at home!

Spring Term 1

Can’t quite believe it but Dragonfly Class are now half way through their final year at Bishops Lydeard Church School – time certainly seems to be flying by! I am really impressed with all of the fantastic effort and positive attitudes that I see in the class day by day. The children continue to show a growth mindset as they strive to make progress in their work – well done Dragonfly Class! In our last couple of topic lessons we have been making links to maths by drawing circles and measuring and drawing angles – great perseverance was shown! The children love our weekly Jigsaw sessions – I love them too. Each week begins with a warm up game as a class followed by a ‘calm me’ activity which encourages stillness and relaxation and allows them to quieten their minds to be ready to learn. The children are also really enjoying the new beanbags in our reading area. We have a circular rug and a wooden book box coming – watch this space ….

Great to have spent the first half of the year with you Dragonfly. Have a super half term break. I look forward to seeing you soon ready for the last part of your primary school journey.

The classroom looks much better now that you are all back! It’s been a busy couple of weeks – plenty of work already done! As well as being busy in the mornings with Literacy and Numeracy, you’ve been hard at it in the afternoons being creative with our topic through music and art. Strange things are happening in Literacy – who’d have thought that a UFO would have visited our playground and left an alien egg! I’d like to know where the other half is….

Great to have you all back.

I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and a well deserved rest. The classroom is looking empty without you – can’t wait to see you all tomorrow morning.