Recovery Curriculum at Bishops Lydeard Church School

Due to the ‘Lock-Down’ period that we have all experienced, it is essential that we provide all our children with the essential learning from their previous Year Group Summer Term, to enable them to progress forward equally, while also providing opportunities to challenge and enhance the learning of children who are ready to deepen their understanding of the skills and knowledge gained from the Home Learning provided during the Lock-Down period.

Our goal at Bishops Lydeard Church School is to have provided all the ‘essential learning’ from a child’s previous Summer Term Year Group and completed all the learning for the new Year Group by the end of this Academic Year (20/21).

Our Recovery Curriculum will encompass the following with the child at the heart of it:

A full curriculum was provided each day for pupils throughout lockdown through Tapestry/TEAMS for EYFS and Microsoft TEAMS for Y1 – Y6. Teachers provided uploaded work, Teaching PowerPoints, Curriculum Teaching video for example, White Rose and Literacy Shed, BBC Bitesize, recorded videos of them teaching and live sessions too. Any pupils who were not able to access remotely online were provided with ‘paper-based learning’ that was either collected, delivered by hand or posted, and this was provided on a fortnightly basis. All work submitted was marked and/or feedback given to the pupils with next steps learning where relevant.

At the end of the summer, Teachers reviewed their summer term curriculum and the curriculum as whole to look at the coverage that was achieved in the summer term and objectives and skills where they are gaps. Aligned with our catch -up curriculum, subject leads created document to show where the gaps are and where these skills and objectives have the opportunity to revisit. Looking at the aims of each subject we have written documents for the intended skills and objectives coverage and what we can cover inline with our catch up curriculum- these skills and objectives have been planned in future learning.

Catch Up Map

Please follow the link below to see the Trust and School principles aligned with how we are supporting the children with their return to school.

Bishops Lydeard Curriculum-Key-Principles with recovery

EEF Tiered Model Bishops Lydeard Church School Learning