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Teacher: Mr Dakin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Watts and Mrs Lucking

Spring Term 1

Welcome back from you Christmas holidays. We are ready to dive into our Spring topic of, ‘Who were the Invaders?’ The class have created our new display board of a Viking long ship. I have included a complete Learning Pathway for the term so you can have the fullest understanding of what we are covering. I am really looking forward to it.

Owl Class Pathway Spring 2020

Viking Traders

As part of our Viking History, Geography and Art project we became Viking traders. Our lesson took us to explore where Vikings traded; creating our own Viking trading names like Ruby Chrissdottir the Crazy or Caleb Davidsson the Mighty. We then looked drew, looked at and explored where Vikings travelled. We then looked at the topography of Scandinavia and the reasons why Vikings traded, invaded and explored other countries. This was due to the height of the land and the cold climate. We then designed tapestries to trade using needle, thread and material.


Reading Buddies

Year 1 and year 4 team up every Tuesday after assembly to read together and celebrate the amazing books and learning we have been reading. The children love hearing the reading and asking questions about what they have heard. It has been lots of fun.

Saxon Justice

We have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons the term. The children have been learning about the gruesome justice system that Saxons employed. Due to the fact there were no prisons, they made the punishments for crimes extravagant as a deterrent for people. 2 of our children dressed up as a modern judge and a Saxon judge and we held court. The children decided they would much rather be in front of a modern judge.

Creating musical rhythm using beat notation

We have been creating beat using instruments in our music lessons. We learnt the notation, practised using Mr Dakin’s examples and then created our own pieces of music to perform. Have a look at our pictures below. Videos can been seen on the Facebook page.

How do you ask for vegetables in French?

Our French module this term is, Going Shopping.’ Last week we learnt how to tell someone whether we liked certain fruit and this week we have been learning how to ask for some vegetables at the market. Have a look and listen to how our children got on.





Why are the ‘Gospels’ so important to Christians?

As part of our ‘Gospels’ RE module we are looking into why these 4 books of the bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are so important to Christians around the world. We looked at how they are represented through the ‘Big Friese’ and how stories from the 4 gospel book  help Christians live like Jesus did.

Who was the Greatest Saxon King?

We learned about 2 of the most famous Saxon Kings; King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan. We learnt lots of interesting facts and information about them and then had an epic class debate. Different children came forward and argued why they thought their King was the greatest. It was fun to wear a crown and sit in a throne.

Viking Timelines – Hot Seating the invader

This term, we will be having a History focus in our topic learning. We did a dive into the timeline and history of the Vikings. We learnt where they were from, why they invaded and what happened over the years when they first appeared in 787AD to the Norman Invasion in 1066. To finish the lesson, we interviewed a Viking invader to ask him all the questions we were inspired with.

Meet the crew

A tour of Owl class

Have a look below at all of the class display boards and areas.

The Baptism of Christ

In RE this term, we have been asking the question, ‘Why is the Trinity important to Christians?’ We have been looking at the story of Jesus Christ and his baptism in the river Jordan by John the Baptist. We discussed the different features of the God-head represented in that moment. Baptism is a key religious event because in that moment you can see the Holy Spirit as a dove, God the Father as a voice speaking from Heaven and God the Son as Jesus Christ on Earth. We acted out the story and wrote our own thoughts and feeling about why it is important for Christians.

Science – What happens to matter when it is heated or cooled?

We had 2 exploration afternoons in Owl class. We looked at solids, liquids and gases and how they react at a molecular level when heat and cold is applied to them. We handled and described how ice cubes looked felt and reacted to the heat of our hands. We discussed how the molecules are arranged in a solid. We then melted the liquid and put it into an empty boiling hot pan, watching it explode into steam. During the next lesson we looked at how gases condense when they are cooled and then freeze into a solid when it is cold enough. We looked at lots of different ways we see this and why it might be useful. Here are some picture of our floor book and the children getting involved in the experiment.

Science – Do gases have mass?

Owl class have been looking at states of matter. We were asking the question, ‘Do gases have a mass?’ Owl class shook lemonade bottles 5 times, for 2 minutes and released the gas. We worked scientifically, with hypothesis, constants, variables, results and conclusions, to find out. We found that all the bottles of lemonade lost weight, around 9-20g, therefore we concluded that gases do have mass.

Floor Books

In Owl class, we record all our ideas and groups discussions in 2 floor books. 1 is for our topic work and the other is for our in class collective worship. Have a look anytime you are in class but if you would like a preview, have a peek below:

PE Premium

At Bishops Lydeard School, we want our children to experience all that PE and competitive sports can offer. To facilitate this, we have spend over £2000 of our PE budget on new lunch and PE equipment. The children are already enjoying them with Mrs Davies at lunchtimes and with Mr Timpson in their PE lessons.

The Journey of a Banana

In Owl class, we have been using a programming tool to produce an algorithm that shows the journey of a banana from jungle to supermarket. This links to our ‘Why is our world amazing’ topic, geography of the world and programming syllabus.

Bhangra Dance

We have been looking at the country of India and some of their traditional dances. In Bollywood, Bhangra dance is very famous so we spent some PE lessons learning some of the moves and creating our own dance routines.

ICT and Geography

We have been creating lots of cross curricular links between out subjects. We have had a real focus on Geography and ICT. Our aim has been to research both on iPads and in Atlases key geographical features of: continents, oceans, countries, capitals, rivers and the equator, lines of longitude and latitude. We have had a lot of fun exploring the world.

Rivers around the world

We have been exploring the top 10 longest rivers in the world. We found them, researched them and then wrote all the information we could find down. As an extension we looked at rivers in the UK and highlighted which seas around the British Isles they fed into.

Getting ready for children in need

We are going to be raising money for children in need but before we do that we wanted to make a display board celebrating all things British. The children felt that raising money for charity was an important part of being a member of this country. Have a look at some of their work and check out the hall later this week for our creation.

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