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Owl Class Team:

Teacher: Mr Dakin

Year 4 Summer 2019

Roman Day

On Thursday, Year 3 and 4 combined forces to become Romans for the Day. We packed the day full of fun activities. Mrs Matchel came in and led a forest school session where all the children got to cook bread over an open fire and then eat it with a seasoning of tehri choice. The children also practiced marching as a Roman unit, making mosaics, creating traditional Roman banquet menus, played roman numeral bingo and we finished the day with a huge battle re-enactment on the field. It was an awesome day.

Open Classroom

Owl class welcomed our parents and family into the class. We showed them our bee gardens and save the environment books. It was fantastic to celebrate so much amazing work with our families and friends.

Performance Poetry

Year 4 have been learning to create, act out and perform poetry. Each pair were given a rhyming poem and were tasked with learning it, creating actions and then performing it to the class. Later in the week, Owl class will be creating and acting out their own adapted poems.

Save the Environment Books

Owl Class finished our environment week by creating special books to persuade people about saving the planet. They were filled with information, photographs, pictures and even an environment rap that we made up and practiced outside. I hope you enjoy them in our open classroom this afternoons and when you read them at home.

Bee Hotels

For environment week, Owl class looked at the importance of bees to our country and local area. We learnt that there are over 250 species of bees in the UK but that the population of bees has decreased by 1/3rd in the last 10 years. Bees are so important to the production of vegetables and salads, as well as the beautiful plants in our gardens. We made bee attractors, planting bee friendly flowers, to attract bees to our gardens.

Rhyme and Beat

Today, we made the most of the beautiful sunshine to create our own beats and rhythms. We used a large array of instruments to do different beats in our counts of 4. Ask your children about the notation for caterpillar, butterfly, glow worm and bee.

Visiting Expert on Persuasive Advocacy

During this module, we are learning about persuasive writing. We have been looking at things we are passionate about and trying to persuade others we are right. We welcomed Mr Russell (Rowans Dad) into the class to teach us some top tips on how to use persuasive language. Mr Russell is a barrister and was an expert at talking to and explaining ideas to children.

Year 4 Orienteering

Year 4 had an epic day at Norton Manor Camp during their Orienteering Festival. They learnt to orientate maps, find markers spread out over a vast area, and adventure in the woods looking for digital markers. Their times were recorded and one of our groups set the 2nd fasted time out of 70 groups. The class were bubbly and enthusiastic all day.

Commissioning Service

Today, we welcomed members of the school community, the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust, and the Diocese of Bath and Wells to Mrs Harvey’s commissioning service. It was a lovely event where we celebrate the role and responsibility that our new head teacher has in the school. The children from every class wrote promises that they will keep to support her in the school’s journey. Afterwards the parents and guests came back from tea and cakes.

Naval and Military Bible Society

This week the Naval and Military Bible Society donate 30 bibles to the school. This means that during our RE lessons every child has the opportunity to read, reference and find scriptures; rather than having to share. They are of a very high quality and are cool as well having the Royal Marine Commando emblem on the front cover on camouflage. This references our links with the local Marine base and armed forces.

Bishops Lydeard Flower Show Entries

Year 3 and 4 combined for the day to create our shoe box habitats for the flower show. We used a huge range of resources to create dynamic and beautiful habitats. We had African plain, arctic tundra and under the sea habitats.

Shadow and Light

We have been looking at negative space in our art projects this term. We used charcoal to look at the dark areas in a picture. We left the light areas as the white of the page and used shading and blending to darken.

The Skeletal System

In Science this term we looked at the human body. We started on the digestive system and moved onto the skeletal system. We went outside to draw round our bodies and label where the different bones were.

Debating – Should the School Day finish at Lunch?

In literacy, we discussed and debated lots of different questions. Our favourite one was whether the school day should finish at lunch. We found so many good arguments both for and against that we used this for our first discussion text. Next week, we will be choosing our own topics.

The Colloseum

We started this term with an exciting story called ‘The Colloseum.’ This was a tale of fear where a man in a cage sees dancing images and a roaring noise. He then gets thrust into the arena, where he has to battle a champion. To introduce this text we teamed up with Fox class and acted it our with sound effects for suspense.

Summer 2019

Welcome back from your Easter holidays. This term our topic is Ancient Rome. We will be looking at the rich History and Geography on the Roman Empire, linking it to our literacy and maths. The link above will give you a greater overview of what we will cover this term. Please check this page regularly for pictures of your children getting involved with Owl class life.

Year 4 Spring 2019 

Space Week

Friday 15th February 2019

On Friday, we created a bottle rocket experiment. We asked the question of which water bottle would travel the highest out of a 500ml, 1L, or 2L. We came up with lots of different predictions but made sure that our only variable was the size of the water bottle. We kept the amount of water and equipment the same. Our results showed that the 2L bottle went the highest and the 500ml bottle went the lowest. The more the air to water ratio allows for more air then the more pressure is obtained and the higher the water bottle goes. The whole school came out to watch our experiment.

Thursday 14th February 2019

We started the day with a debating game called, ‘Where do you stand?’ The children were given statements and they had to line up on an opinion line as to how much they agreed or disagreed with it. Children were chosen from each side to share why they chose to stand where they were. Some of the statements included: Teachers should wear school uniform, homework should be banned, violent video games should be banned, Gareth Bale (Football player) is a good role model for children. We finished by swapping the sides over and asking children who disagreed with the statement to argue the opposite and visa versa.

On Thursday afternoon, the class painted their paper mache planets. They tried to copy the features they could see from the planets in our solar system. We used bold colours to make them striking.

Wednesday 13th February 2019

On Wednesday, we created an electrical quiz game. We used home made circuit boards, wires and batteries to create a live circuit. When you get the right answer to our Solar System questions a buzzer will sound.

Tuesday 12th February 2019

We spend Tuesday Morning preparing our Paper Mache Planets. We created a huge amount of mess in the classroom but our balloons are ready for painting on Thursday.

Monday 11th February 2019

We have been looking at fractions in maths. We looked at the Andromeda galaxy, the closest to the milky way, and imagined sending a satellite to take pictures of a planet there. We then zoomed in and looked at what fraction of our planet was split into. We looked at 1/2, 1/4 and 1/6 grids and worked our what fraction was grass, desert, water or forest.

In the afternoon, we created space picture by blowing paint with straws and printing. We put slightly watered down paint into a tray they used a straw to blow the paint around. We then printed the design on paper and cut the paper out to make planets in a solar system. We then added pastille and chalk stars and rings.

Little Knox

This week we welcomed Becky from Little Knox to Owl Class. She taught us how to deal with choking, CPR and how to call 999 effectively. The children had lots of fun and were very well behaved for a Friday afternoon!!

Starry Night

The school picture of the term is ‘Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh. We did our own interpretation in pairs on purple backing paper. We used chalk and pastilles to get the same effect.

Egyptian Canopic Jars

We are doing instructional texts in literacy this week. We used the model text of, ‘How to make canopic jars’ to fuel our imagination. Canopic jars carry the internal organs of a recently deceased Egyptian. Each jar has a different organ which links to a different Egyptian God.

Welcome Back!!

It has been fantastic to have all the children back and all together as the new Owl Class. We have started with a bang, full of joy and enthusiasm. On this site we will upload photos of what the children have been getting up to in school. Usually this will be every 1 or 2 weeks. Take a look below to see what we are doing this term in our topic ‘Castles.’

Falconry Day

Owl and Fox class welcomed Falconry UK into school for an falconry display day. We enjoyed hearing and seeing amazing birds. We learnt about their habitats and survival designs. The birds we met were: White faced Scops Owl, Blue Winged Kookaburra, Tawny Frog Mouth, African Pygmy Falcon, Tropical Screech Owl, and a Milky Verreaux Eagle Owl. In our class education workshop, we pulled apart owl pellets to find out what they eat. It was an amazing day and the children were incredibly well behaved.

Spring 2019

I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas holidays and are ready to get back to a term of amazing learning opportunities. I have attached an overview of what you can expect from this term. We are basing all our learning around our topic of ‘Ancient Egyptians.’ Please look below for regularly updated photos from our daily class life.

Black History Month

This week we have been celebrating Black History in class. We spent the lesson researching and investigating key events in the history of the UK. We looked at slavery and it’s abolition, Black service in WW1 and WW2, and finished by looking at how the government protects black people’s rights.

School Poppies – School Community

As part of Bath and Wells Diocese remembrance season, we as a school created a display board for Wells Cathedral. We asked our parents to come into school and create poppies as a school community. We had some much fun and there was a lovely bustle in all the classrooms.

A visit from a special friend – The Slow-worm

During our literacy lesson we heard a cry from outside, “snake snake!!” When I popped outside we saw it wasnt a snake OR a worm but instead a slow worm was sunning itself on our path to school. Owl class came outside and very sensibly asked questions about it. We found out that it isn’t a snake but in fact is a legless reptile. The class were fascinated and didn’t want to come back inside.

ICT Programming

Today I set the class a challenge. Could they program a car to drive round a circuit using the coding app Scratch Jr. Lots of them managed to get the car all the way round and one even got 2 cars to race. Very impressive.

Performance Poetry

As part of International Poetry Day, Owl class challenged Fox class to a Poetry Battle. We taught both classes the poem, ‘Walking my Iguana’ by Brian Moses. We used a drum and actions to learn the poem. After that, we went into our classes to practice and add more drama. We then performed to the opposite class and enjoyed celebrated each others successes.

Schools Against Waste Day

The school welcomed Gary from Carymore environment Center to the school. We listened to an amazing assembly on how resources around the world are becoming more and more drained, and how it is up to us to make a difference. Gary then came to Year 2 and Year 4, where he discussed how far certain foods traveled to get to our dinners. We looked at the toppings of pizzas and one group found that the individual toppings totaled a traveled distance of 16,892 miles. We found this fascinating and looked at how we can Re-duce, Re-use and Re-cycle our food and packaging to create a more sustainable world. It was a fantastic day.

Place Value

We have started this term with the math focus of place value. We are looking at four digit numbers and our ability to manipulate thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. In this lesson we went outside to represent our units in different ways. The children had to work out what each object was worth, how many there were, and then total them up in a place value grid.


Our Jigsaw topic this term is ‘Being me in my world.’ We spent a lesson looking at how we fit in the class team, and what it means to work well as a team. We have been especially looking at class behavior, respect, and how we improve ourselves to learn more.

George and the Dragon

Our text this term is the medieval tale of ‘George and the Dragon’. As a classic defeat the monster tale, we are looking at how the writer uses grammar and punctuation to engage the reader. We have immersed ourselves in the story by chanting, singing and reading the text in different ways. Today we acted out the story in groups and had such fun.

Dragon Nest Found In Owl Class!!

The children came into class and found that a dragon had nested in the middle of the classroom. We spent the day exploring and investigate where it came from and whether it was a friendly dragon or not.

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