Badger Class

Miss Collins

Miss Gibbs (Teaching Assistant)

Badger Class Pathway Spring 2020

Welcome to Badger class page, here you will find information on all the lovely learning we have been doing this year!

Spring 2020.

In Badger class we have had lots of lovely learning going on. We have really enjoyed our new English topic of Odysseus and the Cyclops and created some fantastic puppets and props whilst acting out the story. Our character descriptions have shown some amazing vocabulary and our innovated tales have really grabbed our readers attention. We have also enjoyed looking at lots of different Greek myths in guided reading, where we have used our opinion and prediction skills along with our inference and summarising skills to create a front cover and blurb for out favourite myth. In geography we have been investigating the trade links between the UK and other countries and found out lots of interesting things.  We have also celebrated world book day and our costumes were fantastic! See some photos of our learning below.


Lots of amazing learning has been going on in Badger Class. We have taken part in lots of activities across the curriculum and have enjoyed showing our knowledge in a variety of ways. In maths we have continued our learning on fractions and have shown some amazing perseverance skills especially during a maths investigation. We have also been doing some cross curricular writing in English by researching a river, mountain or volcano of our choice and writing a persuasive text persuading our chosen target audience to visit. During guided reading we have enjoyed working on our inference skills by taking part in some inference challenges. We also celebrated internet safety day and reflected on how we use the internet at home and in school. In topic we have discovered how mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes are formed along with ordering our breakfast in French! See some photos of our learning below.


We have had another busy couple of weeks in Badger Class. We have really enjoyed getting stuck into our new topics in all areas of the curriculum. In maths we have started looking at fractions and we have come up with some amazing findings when investigating equivalent fractions. In English we have enjoyed creating adverts for a multi-function mobile phone and trying to persuade each other that our product was the best. We have also practised ordering different food and drink items in French, Investigated rivers and volcanoes, classified animals in science and looked up our ideal jobs in Jigsaw. We really have been busy! Have a look at some photos of our learning below.



Since the Christmas holidays we have been doing lots of great learning in Badger Class. We have really enjoyed investigating different key features in English and came up with some wonderful examples of suspense language, show not tell language and using subordinating conjunctions in different places which are now displayed on our working wall. We have also worked really hard in maths on our multiplication and division skills. In French we have enjoyed learning the names of drinks along with being able to say when a restaurant is opening or closing. In Jigsaw we have been researching and reflecting on our dreams and goals for the future, along with considering our future careers. We particularly enjoyed playing a game of career charades! Have a look at some photos of our learning below.

It has been a fantastic start to  year 5 so far with lots of lovely learning opportunities across the curriculum.

We have really enjoyed the beginning of our topic ‘have we made it better’ which we started with a WOW day where we came to school dressed as inventors!


We have completed lots of activities looking at our topic and we have particularly enjoyed creating an annotated and exploding diagram of our own inventions in DT. Which we are now writing reports on in English.


In maths we have enjoyed developing our understanding of place value and addition and subtraction. We have been really challenging ourselves to use a growth mindset and use question and sentence stems effectively.



In science we have enjoyed investigating with our circuit equipment and using key vocabulary to discuss the circuits we have made.

During the first week back after half term we celebrated International week. We took part in lots of fantastic learning opportunities across the curriculum and finished the week with a fantastic carnival (thank you for providing the children with amazing costumes).

In our English work throughout International week we completed a piece of writing about the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We created some fantastic double page spreads and enjoyed researching some interesting facts about his life. 

During International week we also investigated bridges from around the world. We spoke about their structures and recorded interesting facts before plotting them on a world map. We then used our knowledge of these bridges to create some fantastic bridge silhouette art.

Last week we also experienced a workshop from Little Knox First Aid. We were really passionate about learning some new life saving skills.

We have been very busy in Badger class over the last couple of weeks! We have done lots of wonderful learning across all areas of the curriculum. We celebrated remembrance day along where we remembered the people who lost their lives during war. In English we have been working really hard on using different sentence openers and in maths we have been using our multiplication and division skills. Along with this in our topic learning we took part in a market place challenge where we needed to research and record facts on different inventors. A highlight of the past couple of weeks was definitely our trip to the Clifton Suspension Bridge where we took part in a bridge building challenge and a guided tour. The children were fabulous during the trip and really impressed our tour guide with their knowledge of Brunel.

See some pictures of our learning below.


In Badger class in the last few weeks we done lots of fantastic learning! In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division, where we have completed various activities looking at square, cubed and prime numbers along with multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. In English we created some fabulous wishing tales and we have now just started exploring writing our own instructions. During our English we have enjoyed creating freeze frames to show instructions and we have also followed some difficult instructions to create some Christmas crafts. We have also completed our DT project this week where we explored cams and followers and created our own automata toys.

See some pictures of our learning below!

As we came towards the end of our first full term in Badger Class we took part in lots of fantastic learning experiences. In maths we learnt about area and perimeter, where we looked at both regular and irregular shapes. We particularly enjoyed working out the area of our hands! We finished the term creating our own maths games where the questions put the knowledge we have learnt so far this year to the test! In English we wrote our own instruction texts based on our own interests. We then finished the term by studying “Twas the night before Christmas” and creating our own actions and performances. In Science we investigated forces and used newton meters to measure how many Newtons it took to pull our shoes on different surfaces. We have also enjoyed creating our own merchandise for the school Christmas enterprise sale and watching the KS1 nativity production.
Have a look at some of our fantastic learning below:

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